The MATS-B is a pilot-scale system designed for product development labs. Chefs, culinary experts and food manufacturers are busy working with MATS-B systems in commercial test kitchens throughout the U.S. creating new recipes and preparing to launch natural food brands with ‘clean’ or additive-free labels. Recipes and processes developed on the MATS-B will translate directly to the MATS-150. MATS-B systems, which are also being planned for additional locations around the globe, allow food companies to:

  • develop recipes
  • produce samples for internal and market trials
  • validate food safety
  • test packaging materials and designs.

915 Labs currently has three test kitchens in: Pullman, Washington; Evansville, Indiana; and Cincinnati, Ohio. There are plans for future MATS-B systems in: Colorado; Mumbai, India; Bangkok, Thailand; Scottsdale, Tasmania; and the United Kingdom.

MATS offers significant improvement in product quality and energy efficiency over legacy process technologies. Food color, texture, flavor, and nutrition is better preserved through less over-heating.
— Michael Hyche, Principal at Process Capability Partners, a consulting firm specializing in shelf-stable food manufacturing