Consumer Packaged Food

MATS natural food processing technology and packaging from 915 Labs creates the possibility of a wide range of healthful, packaged, shelf-stable foods — from al dente pasta primavera, to succulent salmon with vegetables, to spicy Indian dishes and other gourmet ready-to-eat meals. By producing additive-free consumer packaged foods, MATS gives food manufacturers an opportunity to transform the ‘center of the store’ by cleaning up the labels of existing products and launching new natural food products.

Global Distribution

MATS-processed food has a wide range of potential uses in addition to branded consumer packaged foods, including meals-ready-to-eat (MREs) for armed forces and rations distributed by humanitarian agencies to developing countries plagued by famine and food waste.

Food companies are aggressively working to meet consumer demand for less processed foods. 915 Labs provides a game-changing, natural processing and packaging technology that will allow food manufacturers to boost sales and gain consumer trust with a wide variety of healthier, shelf-stable foods.
— Zac Zeitlin, Managing Partner, New Ground Ventures