MATS and MAPS food processing systems are available exclusively through 915 Labs. The company sells and leases both a pilot-scale system and commercial production systems and packaging solutions. 

All MATS systems perform both sterilization (MATS) and pasteurization (MAPS). In 2018, 915 Labs will offer a MAPS-only system.


The MATS-B is a pilot-scale system designed for product development labs. Chefs, culinary experts and food manufacturers are working with MATS-B systems in commercial test kitchens throughout the U.S. and around the world creating new recipes and preparing to launch natural food brands with fewer additives and salt. Recipes and processes developed on the MATS-B will translate directly to commercial production MATS systems.

The pilot-scale MATS-B allows food companies to:

  • develop recipes
  • produce samples for internal and market trials
  • validate food safety
  • test packaging materials and designs.
Microwave food processing can revolutionize the quality of packaged food. The technology gives us the ability to deliver food that is much closer to fresh.
— Professor Roger Stanley, Director of the Centre for Food Innovation at the University of Tasmania, Australia

The MATS-30 commercial production system is designed to provide both sterilization and pasteurization at a rate of up to 30 packages per minute* for smaller-scale and regional food processing. The MATS-30 is designed to integrate into modern food production facilities, making use of existing cook, fill and packaging lines.

Larger capacity production systems with a throughput between 50 and 225 packages per minute are available by design.

*Based on an 8.5 oz tray; rate will vary based on size of tray or pouch.


Pasteurization can be performed on all MATS systems. In 2018, a pasteurization-only system will be available.  


To help food companies deliver the highest quality food product to their customers, 915 Labs offers a suite of wraparound services, including:

  • Product development, including consultation and support services.

  • Thermal Process Validation, through a partnership with Covance Food Solutions.

  • Packaging Solutions Program. Through partnerships with leading packaging suppliers, including our foundational partner Printpack, this program integrates the best available technology, materials, expertise and resources and offers a range of stock and customized rigid trays and pouches optimized microwave processing.


Food companies are aggressively working to meet consumer demand for less processed foods. 915 Labs provides a game-changing, natural processing and packaging technology that will allow food manufacturers to boost sales and gain consumer trust with a wide variety of healthier, shelf-stable foods.
— Zac Zeitlin, New Ground Ventures

MATS and MAPS promise to transform the packaged food industry and improve global food sustainability by:

  • increasing the efficiency of food processing
    • microwave processing has great potential for improving energy and water efficiencies over existing food processing methods through the recycling of process energy and water.
  • reducing food waste
    • a longer product shelf-life (one year for microwave sterilization and up to 12 weeks for microwave pasteurization) reduce re-stocking costs and food waste.
  • expanding the distribution of healthy packaged foods
    • MATS gives food companies the ability to convert frozen and refrigerated products to a shelf-stable format. Eliminating the need for cold-chain distribution significantly reduces shipping costs and allows the distribution of food to new and remote areas of the globe.

In addition to producing high-quality consumer packaged foods, MATS-processed foods have a wide range of potential including meals-ready-to-eat (MREs) for armed forces and rations distributed by humanitarian agencies to developing countries plagued by famine and food waste.