Microwave Assisted Thermal Sterilization, or MATS™, is a breakthrough technology that improves the quality and nutritional value of shelf-stable foods. Available exclusively through 915 Labs, MATS is a solution to one of the most pressing challenges facing our industry today: meeting the growing consumer demand for high quality, natural and additive-free packaged foods.

By transforming the thermal sterilization process, the patented MATS system preserves the color, taste and texture of food — while eliminating the need for excess sodium, additives and enhancers. This breakthrough technology enables food manufacturers to deliver a wide variety of high quality, nutritious and clean-label packaged foods with mass-market distribution, pricing and convenience.

Food companies have a huge challenge before them: to meet consumer demand for fresher, healthier and more natural foods. With MATS, we are offering a solution that meets the needs of big food today and contributes in a very real way to the clean eating movement.
— Michael Locatis, CEO, 915 Labs