Food Scientist & Chef Kerry Fabrizio Joins 915 Labs

New Director of Food Innovation Is Helping Companies
Develop MATS-Made Packaged Foods

Denver, CO, May 10, 2018 —915 Labs, which offers a new, healthier way to process and package food, has hired Kerry Fabrizio as Director of Food Innovation.

915 Labs offers microwave assisted thermal sterilization, or MATS™, a safe and gentle way to process a wide range of shelf-stable and pasteurized foods with a clean label. By reducing exposure to high heat, MATS allows the natural nutrients and flavors in food to remain intact and minimizes the need for artificial additives, preservatives and excess sodium.

“Kerry brings the perfect combination of the science and art of food,” said Lora Spizzirri, VP of Research and Development at 915 Labs. “With her experience, she will be able to develop a fantastic array of on-trend signature MATS products and help our customers reduce the product development cycle time using the groundbreaking MATS technology.”

Fabrizio brings 16 years of experience in food innovation and a decade as a culinary professional to her position at 915 Labs. She holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in food science and has worked in research & development and innovation at major food and ingredient companies, including Givaudan Flavors, Wayne Farms, Pacific Foods and Pilgrim’s.

“This role gives me the opportunity to wear both my food scientist and culinarian hats,” said Fabrizio. “I look forward to using my knowledge of how foods function and taste to build a library of data on MATS processing that helps customers quickly develop new high quality packaged foods.”

During her career, Fabrizio has developed a wide range of new products from proteins and seasonings to soups and beverages for private labels, food service, and quick service restaurants. She earned a culinary arts degree from the Western Culinary Institute and is a certified Research Chef and Culinary Scientist through the Research Chefs Association.

At 915 Labs, Fabrizio will leverage her knowledge and experience to accelerate the application of MATS and MAPS around the world by guiding the formulation of new food products and helping companies quickly develop high quality packaged foods.

“MATS has so much potential to bridge the limitations of conventional processes and to do things much better,” she said. “I think we’ll discover many applications for the technology that we haven’t even thought of yet.”

915 Labs is building MATS commercial production systems capable of processing millions of units annually, including trays and flexible pouches in a variety of sizes.  The MATS production systems complement the company’s small-scale MATS-B systems for research and development, which are operating in food innovation centers around the world.

For more information, contact:
Mary Henderson, 812.361.3727