Campbell Soup, Nestle placing bets on personalized nutrition

Monica Watrous
Food Business News

SAN FRANCISCO — Personalized nutrition is “the next big opportunity” for packaged food companies, said Stephanie Naegeli, global director of marketing and innovation food at Nestle S.A.

“It’s also a huge challenge because what C.P.G. is traditionally really good at is producing the same product at scale,” Ms. Naegeli said during a panel discussion at the Future Food-Tech conference, held March 22-23 in San Francisco. “Personalized nutrition is kind of the opposite of that, and so how are we going to do that?”

It’s a question on the minds of many in the industry, as emerging technologies such as home testing kits and wearable fitness trackers provide an unprecedented understanding of an individual’s health. Food and beverage is increasingly viewed as a tool to manage wellness.

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