Alternative processing helps meet consumer cravings

Innovative brands are adapting new technologies to create the novel food and beverage products consumers are craving.

Debra Schug
Food Engineering

A seismic shift in consumer attitudes toward food and beverages is happening. No longer are food and drink judged on taste alone; instead, people want to know how nutritious they are, how they are going to make them feel and what ingredients they contain.

A recent CPG sales report released by The Boston Consulting Group and IRI found companies that market convenient foods and “functional” beverages aimed at promoting nutrition or boosting energy were among the CPG growth leaders in 2016. In a year that was otherwise sluggish, companies such as Blue Diamond, Califia Farms, Bragg and The Wonderful Company outperformed expectations.

Other marketing and research firms also are advising those in the food and beverage industry that consumers want a completely different type of product now than they did a decade ago.

“The interesting thing about this move in the marketplace toward cleaner labels, authenticity and transparency is it is consumer driven,” says Jeff Hilton, co-founder and CMO at BrandHive, a marketing firm.

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