915 Labs Production Capacity Systems Now Commercially Available

Better-For-You MATS-Made Foods Reach Shelves
New Signature Dishes Planned for Amazon

Denver, CO, May 22, 2017—915 Labs, which offers a new, healthier way to process and package food, announced today that it has taken significant steps toward the company’s goal of improving the way food is processed and distributed around the globe.

The company’s microwave assisted thermal sterilization, or MATS™, offers a safe but gentler way to process and package food. By reducing exposure to high heat, MATS allows the natural nutrients and flavors in food to remain intact — and eliminates the need for artificial additives, preservatives and excess sodium.

“MATS minimal processing provides the nutritious, great-tasting and clean-label foods that consumers want today,” said Michael Locatis, CEO. “It’s also the solution for food companies and retailers that desperately need high quality foods that can be shipped ambient (at room temperature).”

High-Capacity Systems

The company is now building MATS-30 commercial production systems capable of processing up to 10 million units annually, including single-serve trays, pouches and food service packaging formats.  

“Going production capacity with MATS unlocks the transformation of the food industry,” said Locatis. “MATS minimal processing checks all the boxes for taste, nutrition, sustainability and expanded distribution, including direct-to-consumer.”

The MATS-30 complements the company’s small-scale MATS-B systems, which are operating in food innovation centers around the world. Major food companies are using the MATS-B to develop recipes for new products and for small production runs.

MATS-Made Foods Reach Shelves

The first MATS-processed foods will launch next month in Asia and a major consumer product goods (CPG) company plans to put MATS-made products on U.S. retail shelves later this year.

“We’ve seen a rapid adoption of the MATS technology in Asia and Australia and by new innovative food startups,” said Locatis. “Several large CPGs are looking to MATS as a way to combat declining consumer acceptance and sales of their legacy brands. Early-adopter CPGs see MATS as a growth platform and a way to tap into new consumer preferences and evolving food distribution strategies.”

915 Labs Signature Dishes

915 Labs has created its own signature dishes, including macaroni and cheese and an egg frittata, and plans to launch in partnership with Amazon and a food company on the Amazon Exclusive platform.

“When food scientists started working on a new way to process food without destroying it more than a decade ago, a high-quality, shelf-stable mac & cheese was the holy grail,” said Locatis. “Our signature dish demonstrates that MATS is truly a revolutionary advancement that has emerged at a time when the world is clamoring for packaged foods that are closer to fresh and taste as good as homemade.”

The patented, FDA-accepted MATS technology is radically different than conventional processing systems such as retort, which exposes food to high temperatures for up to an hour; HPP, which has limited product scope and requires refrigeration; and frozen, which is plagued by food safety, consumer inconvenience and sustainability issues.

In MATS, packaged foods are simultaneously immersed in pressurized hot water and heated with targeted microwave energy at a frequency of 915 megahertz, eliminating pathogens and spoilage microorganisms in a matter of minutes. The unique process allows a wide range of foods to be packaged for the shelf, including many that cannot be conventionally processed today including salmon filets, chicken breasts, pasta and whole vegetables.

915 Labs owns a growing portfolio of over 60 patents worldwide related to microwave sterilization and pasteurization and is the exclusive provider of MATS systems along with a suite of services to help customers accelerate the application of the technology around the globe.

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