Startup Solve for Food Stakes Claim On Sterilization

Sarah Campbell-Miller
Arkansas Business

Bentonville startup Solve For Food is planning to build what it calls a Food Innovation Center in Springdale next year and is hoping to raise $13 million in capital for the project.

The center will focus on teaching the food industry, academics and nonprofits about a new type of food-processing technology called microwave-assisted thermal sterilization, or MATS.

MATS uses a combination of a hot water bath and microwave technology to sterilize packaged food quickly and safely, said Greg Spragg, president and CEO of Solve For Food.

Spragg said that the MATS process is superior because it “dramatically reduces the amount of time that a product or packaged food has to be subjected to heat, thereby eliminating the need for flavor enhancers, preservatives, color enhancers, those sorts of things … It dramatically reduces the sodium content.”

Solve For Food has secured an initial investor in the center, IV Ventures LLC of Flower Mound, Texas, but Spragg declined to disclose how much capital the company has raised so far and how much IV Ventures LLC has invested.

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