AMI Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Thin Wall Packaging Conference

Thin wall packaging can be used in a wide range of applications. The ambient long-life food sector positioning is challenged with consumer concerns about quality in comparison with the chilled and/or frozen variants. Canned meals are perceived as inferior quality, less fresh and less authentic products. The segment is in need of modernisation, which can be done with the use of new plastic packaging solutions, and their improved process technology to deliver higher quality, long-life food products. 

In the opening session on market drivers, the audience will hear the latest about the thin wall packaging industry presented by Sem Plastik while AMI will look back at the industry over the last 10 years and discuss how it has evolved and its current trends.

Ready meals, either chilled or shelf-stable, are a segment of high growth, which triggers innovation in the use of microwave technologies. Microwave pasteurisation, sterilisation and shielding are new concepts that will affect the demand for TWP in the future. Those topics will be discussed in a session including speakers from Micvac, Shieltronics, Avure and 915 Labs.  Other presentations will cover the latest on barrier packaging with speakers from Greiner Packaging, Silgan Food Containers and Kuraray.

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