Thin Wall Packaging 2015: AMI Consulting Predicts MATS will be a Game-Changer

John Nash
May 6, 2015

Thin Wall Packaging 2015, an international conference held May 6-7 in Chicago drew record attendance this year, offering an opportunity for food companies, retailers, packaging manufacturers, researchers, and suppliers to focus on the latest developments in lightweight plastics packaging. 

John Nash, Head of Strategic Research at AMI Consulting kicked off the two-day conference with his annual predictions for the global food industry. According to Nash, the market for thin wall packaging in long-life foods is:

  • growing in double digits
  • offers opportunities in perishable and dried foods
  • one of the most attractive market spaces in terms of growth and profit margins.

Nash told attendees that AMI Consulting views microwave assisted thermal sterilization as having the potential to emerge as a game-changer.