Emerging technologies at 2016 Packaging Conference

The latest brand owner packaging initiatives, as well as emerging technologies, will be presented at The Packaging Conference 2016, February 8-10, Green Valley Ranch, Henderson NV.

Pat Reynolds, VP Editor
September 18, 2015

Attendees will hear about the disruptive packaging approach taken by the fairlife brand to introduce a premium milk product into a commodity market. Also at the conference, PepsiCo will discuss what drives packaging innovation and sustainability for a global brand.

Avure Technologies will detail high-pressure processing of food and beverage products and the impact of the technology on packaging structures. 915Labs will explain microwave assisted thermal sterilizations (MATS) as an alternative to retort, and its potential to revolutionize food processing.

The conference also features a module on omni-channel marketing and its potential to dramatically affect the way products are packaged today.
The Packaging Conference, produced by Plastic Technologies, Inc. and SBA-CCI, Inc., has established a reputation as the must-attend event for the debut of new technologies and other key industry announcements.

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