The MATS-30 commercial production system is designed to provide both sterilization and pasteurization at a rate of up to 30 packages per minute* for smaller-scale and regional food processing. The MATS-30 is designed to integrate into modern food production facilities, making use of existing cook, fill and packaging lines.

Larger capacity production systems with a throughput between 50 and 225 packages per minute are available by design.

*Based on an 11.5 oz tray; rate will vary based on size of tray or pouch.


Pasteurization can be performed on all MATS systems. In 2017, a pasteurization-only system will be available.  


To help food companies deliver the highest quality food product to their customers, 915 Labs offers a suite of wraparound services, including:

  • Product development, including consultation and support services.
  • Thermal Process Validation, through a partnership with Covance Food Solutions.
  • Packaging Solutions Program. Through partnerships with leading packaging suppliers, including our foundational partner Printpack, this program integrates the best available technology, materials, expertise and resources and offers a range of stock and customized rigid trays and pouches optimized microwave processing.


Food companies are aggressively working to meet consumer demand for less processed foods. 915 Labs provides a game-changing, natural processing and packaging technology that will allow food manufacturers to boost sales and gain consumer trust with a wide variety of healthier, shelf-stable foods.
— Zac Zeitlin, Managing Partner, New Ground Ventures