Microwave processing creates the possibility of a whole new range of healthful, shelf-stable foods — from tender spears of asparagus to spicy Indian dishes to seafood and pasta — each with an additive-free label. Even foods that have never been successfully thermally processed can be processed with MATS and MAPS, including eggs and other diary ingredients, seafood and pasta.

Food companies around the world are busy working to develop new food products with MATS and MAPS.  When developing new recipes for microwave processing, culinary experts are able to start with 50 percent less sodium than comparable packaged foods — and to eliminate artificial enhancers and additives.

With the light touch of microwave processing, micronutrients and flavors in foods remain intact, making food more naturally nutritious and flavorful. As a result, spicy cuisines and other highly flavorful meals can be prepared and packaged for the shelf and refrigerator case.

With MATS and MAPS, foods:

  • are naturally nutritious
  • need fewer additives and salt
  • taste freshly prepared
  • offer a restaurant-quality dining experience

MATS offers significant improvement in product quality and energy efficiency over legacy process technologies. Food color, texture, flavor, and nutrition is better preserved through less over-heating.
— Michael Hyche, Principal at Process Capability Partners, a consulting firm specializing in shelf-stable food manufacturing