MAPS is similar to microwave sterilization and in fact, can be performed on the same system. In microwave pasteurization, foods and beverages are heated at 915 MHz to a temperature of 70-90° for up to 10 minutes, eliminating viral and bacterial pathogens. The result is restaurant-quality, ready-to-eat foods and beverages with a shelf life of up to 12 weeks. With a longer shelf life, MAPS-processed foods and beverages also help reduce food waste due to spoilage across the supply chain.


Refrigerated product lines of prepared foods and beverages that are sold in retailers, convenience stores and/or food service channels are all ideal for MAPS processing, including: 

  • prepared foods and ready-to-eat meals 
  • beverages
  • vegetables 
  • fruits 
  • dips, sauces and salsas 
  • baby food 
  • egg dishes.

MAPS processing can also be used as a safety intervention step to improve the safety of prepared, ready-to-eat and frozen foods and batch ingredient sold or served by grocery chains, restaurant chains, convenience stores, nursing homes, hospitals, school meal programs and commissaries/cafeterias.