the revolutionary mats/maps TECHNOLOGY

915 Labs holds the perpetual, worldwide exclusive license to the MATS™ and MAPS™ technology. Since 2014, the company has continued to expand the intellectual property surrounding the technologies, growing its portfolio to more than 100 patents. As a result of robust commercialization efforts, the company has installed MATS systems around the world and companies are working at the MATS Center of Excellence to develop new MATS-Made products. The first MATS-made foods hit retail shelves in India in June of 2017.

The microwave assisted thermal technologies were originally developed by food engineering scientists at Washington State University, in conjunction with a consortium of private food packaging and equipment companies and the U.S. Department of Defense. The MATS technology is the first in-package microwave sterilization technique accepted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Watch a 90-second explainer video on the revolutionary technology below!


One of the many benefits of the revolutionary MATS technology is nutrition retention.

Packaged foods are rapidly heated in the patented microwave processing, reaching sterilization and pasteurization temperatures in a matter of minutes before rapidly cooling. As a result, the natural flavors, texture and nutrients remain intact.

Studies show that compared to conventional thermal sterilization, or retort, the shortened exposure to high heat during microwave processing allows more nutrients, such as Omega 3s, B vitamins, vitamin C and folate, to be retained.


Vitamin B1 Retention


By shortening the time food is exposed to high heat, MATS and MAPS processing preserves more of the natural nutrients in food including the important vitamin B1.



What kind of foods can be preserved with MATS and MAPS?

Any food or beverage that will benefit from a lower cooking temperature and processing time is ideal for microwave processing. Heat-sensitive foods, such as eggs and other dairy ingredients, seafood and pastas, have all been successfully processed with MATS and MAPS--from light pasteurization (up to 90 days shelf life) through sterilization with a one-year shelf life. Culinary experts working with MATS systems are developing recipes featuring a wide variety of foods, many of which are naturally rich in nutrients and high in protein, healthy fats and fiber, including:

  • pasta and sauces
  • soups
  • rice and grains
  • meats
  • seafood
  • vegetables
  • complex meals
  • beverages
  • smoothies
  • baby food
  • hummus and dips

MATS creates a new world of near-fresh foods in a convenient package—at a quality level that is not currently available. New packaged food possibilities include spears of asparagus, corn on the cob and beets (in water), spicy Indian dishes and salmon filets, each with an additive-free label.

Below are just a few of the dishes created with microwave processing. If you’re interested in visiting a MATS Center of Excellence to develop new foods with MATS, contact

Current Openings at 915 Labs

Engineering Project Manager

Company Description:

915 Labs is the exclusive, worldwide provider of Microwave Assisted Thermal Sterilization (MATS™) and Microwave Assisted Pasteurization (MAPS™), which offer a healthier way to sterilize and pasteurize packaged food and beverages. Compared to conventional thermal processing, MATS and MAPS processing systems shorten the time foods and beverages are exposed to high heat, which preserves nutrients, color, texture, and taste — and eliminates the need for unnatural additives and excess sodium. These breakthrough technologies enable food manufacturers to deliver a wide variety of high quality, nutritious and clean label packaged foods and beverages.

Position Description:

The Engineering Project Manager reports directly to the VP of Research and Development and is responsible for managing the design and manufacturing of MATS/MAPS systems to meet cost, specification, timing and customer requirements. The role requires the integration 915 Labs’ engineering, fabrication and control systems partners. The Engineering Project Manager is also responsible for working with the research and development, operations and customer success functions within 915 Labs to understand project and implementation needs. This role can be filled as a consultant or permanent employee.

Core Responsibilities & Initiatives:

  • Plan, organize and control design and manufacturing projects; including monitoring scope, schedule, quality and budget and directing technical aspects of the project.
  • Develop and manage the scope of work, including scope changes.
  • Develop and manage project budgets.
  • Work with external partners to develop and manage project schedule, including engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, training and start-up.
  • Develop and maintain all documentation including machine specifications, drawings, installation guides, maintenance manuals, and training materials.
  • Communicate documents, data and information to team members and customers in a timely manner.
  • Develop and manage start-up plan, including FATs, SATs, OEM support, customer support, materials and start-up curve.
  • Prepare progress reports.
  • Update, inform and clarify potential problems and project needs.

Denver, CO or other locations via telecommuting.

Minimum Position Requirements

BS in Engineering or technical field (A.S. plus experience may be acceptable)

Minimum Experience:

  • 10 years experience managing engineering projects in the food industry preferably with an OEM
  • Strong experience leading multi-disciplinary teams and external engineering, fabrication and control system partners
  • Experience managing projects in the thermal processing industry preferred
  • Experience managing global teams and working with global customers preferred


  • Strong commissioning and start-up experience
  • Self-directed with the ability to independently manage external partner relationships, project deliverables and issue resolution
  • Energetic, positive, can-do attitude; strong sense of urgency
  • Demonstrated ability to lead multi-disciplinary teams
  • Ability to multi-task and deliver results in an unstructured, ambiguous, lean, fast-paced environment
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to develop strong, trusting relationships with integrated suppliers, customers and external partners
  • Quick learner; adaptable                                       
  • Ability to independently organize and prioritize work assignments
  • Good understanding of tasks for construction and overall project execution
  • Detail-oriented
  • Ability to read and mark-up drawings/documents (P&IDs, layouts, isometrics, schematics, etc.)
  • Proficiency in Excel and Microsoft Project

Must be willing to travel (domestic and international) up to 35% of time.

Submit resumes to: