915 Labs has a 60+ exclusive, worldwide patent portfolio related to the MATS and MAPS technologies. The company has installed MATS systems at locations around the world and the first MATS-made foods hit retail shelves in June of 2017.

The microwave assisted thermal technologies were originally developed by food engineering scientists at Washington State University, in conjunction with a consortium of private food packaging and equipment companies and the U.S. Department of Defense. The MATS technology is the first in-package microwave sterilization technique accepted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

To help you learn more about microwave food processing and packaging, 915 Labs offers two types of MATS Boot Camps throughout the year: MATS 101 to help food professionals better understand microwave processing technology and MATS Commercial Application to help food companies learn more about product development and commercialization.



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The Technology Boot Camp is a 5-day course that provides information for assessing and validating the application of MATS and MAPS technology. Held at Washington State University where the microwave processing was developed, this boot camp is led by MATS inventor Juming Tang, Ph.D., Regents Professor and Distinguished Chair of Food Engineering.

Designed for food innovation, R&D, thermal process and quality assurance professionals, this boot camp covers:

  • fundamental principles of microwave heating
  • thermal process validation
  • food science
  • quality assurance
  • bench-top sample production for MATS and MAPS.

In addition to covering the fundamental science of MATS and MAPS technology, this boot camp also provides participants a hands-on opportunity to develop bench-top prototypes utilizing microwave processing technology. 

Location: Food Science Building, Washington State University, Pullman, Washington

Download MATS & MAPS Technology Boot Camp informational flyer.


The MATS Commercial Application Boot Camp is a 3-day, hands-on workshop held at co-manufacturer partner AmeriQual, which is home to a MATS-B pilot-scale system. The focus of this boot camp is immersion into the skills required for commercial application of MATS and MAPS technology.

Designed for food company executives and product development professionals, participants in this camp receive hands-on training in the preparation, packaging and processing of food products on a pilot scale MATS B unit — and are able to return home with pilot-scale MATS-processed samples.

In addition to an overview of the fundamentals of MATS technology, 915 Labs and guest experts also cover commercial product development on a MATS-B pilot-scale unit, packaging development and selection, and the process for filing FDA validation at this boot camp.

Location: MATS Commercial Center of Excellence, Ameriqual, Evansville, Indiana