Lora Spizzirri


Lora N. Spizzirri is Vice President of Packaging Solutions at 915 Labs. She manages the Packaging Solutions Program from design to production, translating packaging visions, strategies and customer requests into projects and programs.

To establish its Packaging Solutions Program, 915 Labs has partnered with some of the leading packaging suppliers in the world to offer a range of stock and customized packaging solutions optimized for MATS and MAPS. In addition to leading the development of MATS and MAPS packaging formats and functional materials, Lora will manage the internal packaging team at the new 915 Labs Food Innovation Center.

Lora has significant experience as a research and development executive in the food and beverage industry and has worked for several major food companies, including General Foods and the Kraft Foods Group. Most recently, as the Director of Packaging Research and Design at Kraft, she led a team of engineers and scientists in creating a framework to leverage the research capabilities of the company’s strategic suppliers, resulting in significant cost savings. She also led a renovation of Kraft’s iconic Philadelphia Soft Cream Cheese product line including a reformulation, packaging redesign and shelf display improvements that led to a nine percent increase in revenues in the first year post-launch.