Nigel Kirtley


Nigel Kirtley is a 30-plus year veteran of the international food industry and now consults for food companies and their suppliers on breakthrough productivity, R&D organizational design and providing start-up support.

As Vice President of Strategic Sales for 915 Labs, he works closely with CPG clients throughout the US, Europe and Asia building the business case for adopting the game-changing MATS and MAPS processing technology.

Prior to working with 915 Labs, Nigel worked for Kraft Foods, most recently as Vice President of Research and Supplier Integration, managing all corporate research programs and central services and working closely with suppliers and external research groups to create the company’s innovation pipeline. He also served as Vice President of R&D and Quality for Kraft’s iconic Cheese and Dairy division.

A British national, Nigel has worked in the food industry in Belgium, Germany and Switzerland in a variety of capacities, including technical positions and roles in strategy and organizational development, across a wide range of product categories from grocery and convenience meals to powdered beverages and snacks.

Nigel holds a bachelor of science degree in biochemistry, a master’s degree in engineering and an MBA.