Can I have your attention for 90 seconds?

Now in my third year at the head of 915 Labs, I’d like to think I’ve perfected my elevator speech. Yet it continues to be a challenge to quickly explain our company’s mission and the technology at the core of our startup without diving into a short history of food processing or our hopes for creating a more sustainable food ecosystem. ‘Microwave assisted thermal sterilization’ is itself a mouthful—which is why we simply call it MATS.

There’s so much behind those four letters: from the industry-government-academic partnership that funded the 10-year development of the technology, to how MATS changes the way food has been processed for more than a century, to its potential for improving the quality of packaged foods. You see my dilemma.

So instead of telling, we’ve decided to show you. I hope you’ll watch our new video on MATS and perhaps share it with a colleague (or two). If a picture’s worth 1,000 words, this video gives us a few million, which should be more than enough to convey our excitement about the game-changing technology we call MATS.