Feeding the 99 Percent


In late October, I was privileged to deliver a keynote to a Future Food Tech conference of food industry executives and investors in London. In “Feeding the 99 Percent,” I challenged the audience to consider the one in seven people worldwide do not get enough to eat today and the billions more who are malnourished.

How will we feed a population estimated to be 9 billion by 2030 when so many consumers around the globe today do not have access to or can't afford healthy food? With epidemic rates of obesity and associated disease, exorbitant food waste and an evolving retail landscape, the food industry is at a crossroads.

Fresh and frozen foods offer indisputable nutritional value, but come with high distribution costs and significant waste. Packaged food is much more sustainable option, but it must evolve beyond the unhealthy and over-processed options that populate the category today. A wholesale change in the way we process food is long overdue.

Read the keynote “Feeding the 99 Percent” here.