Good News on Combating Hunger

As CEO of 915 Labs and a member of the board at Hunger Free Colorado, I get to do two things I love: drive innovation in the food industry and help to improve childhood nutrition. Since we can all use some good news as 2016 comes to a close, I want to share this great accomplishment: Colorado is now ranked 11th in the nation in terms of participation in the federally funded School Breakfast Program among low-income students, up from 44th place in 2009.

This means more children who qualify have access to a no-cost wholesome breakfast at school before the school day begins. Even better, the meal is often served in the classroom, which is less time-consuming for teachers and reduces the stigma associated with free meal programs.

I’m proud to say Hunger Free Colorado was a driving force behind the state legislation that passed with bipartisan support in 2013, which ensures more schools offer this effective means of addressing child hunger. No one should start their day hungry, least of all children, who need fuel for learning and growing. You can find more information on this program and donate to the good work of Hunger Free Colorado here. Happy holidays from all of us at 915 Labs.